Alopecia and Jon Renau, my new hair by pattiespearls

I have briefly mentioned before that I have alopecia. It has been a long battle with lots of expensive medications and lots of styling and cutting and worrying.

I need a break.

I am starting a new program right now but there’s no guarantee that it will work. If it does great.

But for now I need a break.

WP_20121225_032 WP_20130101_034

As anyone can tell you who’s dealt with it (and a lot of people completely lose all their hair in a very short amount of time), it’s painful. And it’s lonely. Nobody else seems to have the problem.

I never seriously entertained getting something “artificial.” Extensions maybe. They are all the rage right now. But my hair is too thin for extensions and they can damage your hair.

I talked to the sweetest lady, Patti (, who is an expert on the whole subject. She customized this hair for me. It’s my color, but with highlights, since I always get them anyway. This is the Jon Renau Zara, video below.

Call their number on their website if you just need to talk or if you have questions. They’re amazing. Not like the big companies who you won’t feel comfortable sharing your personal story with. You’ll get Patti or one of the other 2 or 3 people who work there.

DSC07564-(2) WP_20130114_005

10 thoughts on “Alopecia and Jon Renau, my new hair by pattiespearls

  1. I think the new wig looks great! I will outdo you with the hairloss with the problem with facial hair that I have though. Won’t post a picture of me with a beard however if you don’t mind… (; I would like to get the no! no! hair removal system but it costs over $150 even used on ebay, so I will continue shaving.

    I wonder what causes alopecia..


    1. Yeah it took some decision-making to see if I wanted to post my pics of my hair before and after. At this point I’m hoping it helps someone else. I hope the hair removal system is something you can get some day and that you like it!


  2. When we were all done with the video your niece Elise said one word. Beautiful. I like what it does to the shape of your face when you pull some of it or all of it back. Can you part it anywhere you want? Love you girl! I agree with Elise!


    1. And I’m already much better at it! Emily told me how to part my hair underneath so you can see my scalp. 🙂 And I pulled out all my baby hair so you can’t see the edge at all. 🙂


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