Inglot Color Fail

UPDATE: I actually use two of these eyeshadows, the grey and the brown, almost every day now, such as in this tutorial. So I just needed to figure out how to use them. The following post is how I originally felt when I opened the box and tried them on.

I LOVE my inglot eyeshadows. Still love the same four I got for an early Christmas present and still wear them every day and various fun combinations. They still haven’t failed me and I still think they’re the easiest to apply and have the most pigmented beautiful sparkly colors. See my Inglot Quad here.

I wear them with foundation only, no primer. And it works really well.

So I was excited to spend my Christmas money on some more Inglot shadows. Really I was just trying to get some basics. A really dark contour brown, a light gold, which would be a good basic every day if I could find the right shade, and then a combination I’ve tried in the past that I liked – silver and navy.

But what was I thinking? The gold is too yellow, the brown is too green, the grey is too grey (I was going for silver) and the blue is way too primary and too much like my eyes. 😦 It doesn’t help that Inglot’s website is ridiculous for picking out colors. Or that I have unusual skin that just doesn’t look good in many of the colors that look good on many bloggers out there, whose blogs I read to try to get color inspiration.

UD half baked is my perfect gold, and twice baked is my perfect brown. (They’re too pricey for me though). So I’ve since emailed inglot and asked them their versions of these colors.

What a waste of Christmas money! Now I have to decide, swap them, blend them (I can get a pretty good brown blending new brown with bronze-red from original four, but it’s so much work), ….and I guess those are my only two choices. Due to Inglot’s return policy, I’m stuck.

I still love you though, Inglot. But I wish I could at least get store credit…even with a restocking fee. Or if you answer my customer service email about color, then I’ll be a little happier. Or if you get better pictures on your website. Or open a chain near Harrisburg. Any of the above would help.

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