I thought I would change it

I used to hate my nose. Growing up I said if I could change my nose, I would be beautiful and there was nothing else I would change (if only I knew – I didn’t even appreciate all the great things about myself – such as luxurious hair, could eat whatever I wanted, perfect skin).

One day around 15 I began to learn photoshop skills. Wanting to see what the beautiful version of Marisa looked like I photoshopped my nose straight and smaller. For one fraction of a second, I thought it was breathtaking. The next fraction of a second and thereafter, I hated it. Why it didn’t look anything like me! The girl in the photo was WEIRD and not me at all!

Miraculous, isn’t it? With a couple of CTRL+Z’s, I had my normal nose back. What a sigh of relief. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could do that in real life? Experiment with looks and then hit the undo button?

From that day forward, I didn’t want to change myself that dramatically any more. I am always trying to be the most healthy beautiful version of me, but feel no need to carve bone here. Ever since that fateful day with photoshop, I wouldn’t change my nose even if I was in a car wreck and it could be harmlessly worked in along with reconstructive surgery. Besides, when Fiddler on the Roof became popular, everyone told me I looked like Tzeitel.

4 thoughts on “I thought I would change it

    1. Thank you Cari! The funny thing is I feel more beautiful and confident now then I did then, though I had thicker hair and clearer skin. It’s totally about confidence and being comfortable with who you are.


  1. you know what the saying is, stop pointing out your “imperfections” out loud to others such as “look my tummy flab” or “look at THIS wrinkle” and nobody will ever notice them. 🙂 And as you said, being confidence and comfortable with yourself and with a genuine smile (I add this… haha) everybody will like to be near you. After all, we are all attracted to people with positive energy, aren’t we? 🙂 Happy monday, marisa!


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