Christmas Gift Guide for Ladies

Let It Glow Origins Set

What a great value! $32.00 for .5 oz eye cream, 1 oz VitaZing lotion, and .17 oz origins brightening mascara. This is something I sure wouldn’t mind having under my tree! 🙂 I have wanted to try Origins for a long time.

Inglot Eyeshadow Palette

You can the palettes in any way you want or just go with single shadows for the shadow-lover lady in your life! (Or get a gift card so she can choose, haha!)

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Tints

I first saw these on pixiwoo when Sam Chapman used one and I thought it looked amazing. Won’t break the bank and have great reviews. 🙂 I think you can find them for around $2.99 each.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Shea Butter, Camphor, Safflower Extract, Coconut Oil, VItamin A, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Oligopeptides, Avacado butter – this is packed with nourishing nutrients. I have never used them personally but want to!

photo credit to:

Here’s another detailed review with pictures!

Women At Risk Pom Pom Scarf

This is too beautiful. Buy a scarf for yourself or someone else and support women who have been delivered out of abusive demeaning circumstances are allowing the dignity of making their living and living in freedom. Help a woman in a developing country who’s been abandoned by society support herself and her children!

Retails for $18.00.

Check out stylewaffle’s scarf post here for ideas on how to wear scarves. 🙂 How to wear scarves

Would you believe the ipod/phone case I originally published below is sold out? And it was so cute and such a bargain:

This is TOO CUTE and fits my girly/organic style that I love. I bet a lot of girls on your gift list would love this!

Retails for $12.00.

So I am putting a new item in to replace it – this beaded purse. Also from Women At Risk. Isn’t it glamorous? Retails for $32.00.

Real Techniques Powder Blush or Real Techniques Travel Essentials.

I think the Travel Essentials brush would be great to introduce anyone to the set because they are full-sized brushes and there are videos to create complete looks on the Real Techniques website using just the set.

I’ve watched a lot of videos on their site and they actually use these brushes in a lot of their looks. I’ve noticed sometimes when a company will have a starter or travel or intro kit they are not the cream of the crop and they will not be the favorites of those who actually use the brushes. But this kit is one I’ve noticed Nick and Sam use a lot and it is only $18.00

The blush brush is only $9.00! This rivals brushes 3 times the price.

Travel Set: $18.00

Blush Brush: $18.00

How could I forget a tea gift?

Teavana has this amazing perfect tea maker for $19.95

or a gourmet tea  (white is my favorite and the health benefits are amazing!) for $10.00

Will do a guy’s Gift Guide soon with the assistance of Nate!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide for Ladies

  1. Eep I want Inglot (!)

    I have that RealTechniques brush set! I haven’t used it that much (since I just got it about a week ago), but so far I’m liking it a lot. 🙂


  2. Do you? I have a lot of the Real Techniques brushes but what I’ve noticed is a few (not all) of the ones that come in the sets are not as useful and amazing as some of the single ones. But this one seems different as pixiwoo uses the brushes in this one a lot, at least the multipurpose and the eye brush. I think they use the foundation brush as well, but when they came out with the stippling and expert face brush it seemed they used it a little less. But it just seems like a great set. Let me know how you like it – I wish I had to compare to my other Real Techniques brushes, which I LOVE.

    I use my stippling and expert face brush every day, as well as all the brushes in the eye set (that is a great set). I also love the buffing brush, which comes in the core collection.

    I know – I keep making it real clear to my husband that that’s what I want, haha! I think he’s taken notice as he texted me with a question about it today, yay! 🙂


  3. Lovely guide 🙂
    I ordered some INGLOT stuff during the black friday 20% off sale yayyy!
    And i totally agree with you about the real techniques brushes.. i find the single ones much more amazing than the sets. I love my Expert face brush ❤ !


  4. Hurray! I’ll try not to miss that one next year. 🙂
    I saw that 4 days after I asked my husband if I could have inglot for Christmas. I know he missed the sale but it was a Christmas present, get over it budget hunter (talking to myself). I shouldn’t even know about it. 🙂


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