How to Give Your Wife Lowlights

So we were driving home one Sunday morning and I told my husband I was going to dye my hair again – it was time to get the reddish hues back in. To which he replied, “Are you going to get it red all over again or are you going to do it like it was that one time where it had variation?” To which I was stunned and surprised. You see, time and again I torment my longsuffering man with questions like, “Which eye shadow has more pigmentation?” or “Which side of my face has more coverage?” To which he usually answers things like, “I like it when you wear blush.” Or, “I like purple eyeshadow.”

So I was a bit surprised at his keenness that I get just the right hair color.

Now I have a very sharp memory when it comes to which foundation I am wearing in which picture, or which hair dye and whether it was box dye or Joni did it at the salon, etc. I find this a bit troubling, but it has never failed me that I can remember.

So I had to go through all my pictures and say, “Was it this one? Was it this one?” Until finally he pointed to one and said, “that one – that one was the prettiest.”

“Well those were copper highlights by Joni at the salon and I can’t afford to go to a salon today to get my hair professionally colored. I mean we could try to pick up that stuff at Sally’s, but…I don’t know what it will cost. And I’ve never given myself lowlights before.”

It was quiet. After awhile I asked where we were going. “To Sally’s.” Nate said, sounding surprised.

Once at Sally’s, we spent half an hour trying to figure out what we needed, researching on our phones what level 10 and level 40 were, etc. I knew which color I wanted, but I wanted the least damaging dye, the least confusing process. To this day I don’t know what got into Nate. He kept saying, “Look at this, this is awesome. You could do gels at home!” He is not normally like this.

He talked me into spending $26 at Sally’s for gloves, mixing bowl, whisk, dye, developer cream, foils, etc.

On my own I would have backed out. It’s a good thing he was with me.

Then at home he watched a youtube video on how to do lowlights, mixed up the dye, told me to get comfortable, and started sectioning and pinning my hair.

I can’t say I wasn’t nervous. That must have been why I kept asking, “Are you sure you read the instructions. Are you sure you’re right on with the time limit? Are you sure you know what I mean by weaving?” He kept assuring me that he did understand.

There is one thing you need to understand before you think I am absolutely crazy. Nate is good at EVERYTHING he does. Craft, building, fixing computers, painting straight edges, cooking, cleaning, changing the brakes, talking to people, whatever. He watches a tutorial on how to do something and he does it – excellently. Every time.

I felt him carefully pulling out tiny strands with a rat tail end and laying them in the foil, painting, then wrapping.

He was quiet when he took the foils off 30 minutes later, so I was very surprised, after I washed and dried my hair, to see a subtle lowlight job (he used 9 foils and lots of weaving – and I don’t have a thick head of hair), probably as good as I’ve ever had in a salon. And the color was perfect.

Before, you can see my natural hair color has an ash brown tone to it.:


This was an ammonia-free dye and very low level developer cream, as I was going darker not lighter. There was no irritation and no hair fallout when I washed it out or in the days afterwards. Much more gentle than a box dye. Also we will be able to use the same color 4-5 more times. The developer should last much longer than that, and the bowl and whisk and gloves shouldn’t need to be replaced any time soon.

For less than $26 a year, I can do my own lights, high or low.

In case there are any husbands or boyfriends reading beauty blogs, you can ask Nate how to do this, lol. But please don’t blame the outcome on me.

Who knows, maybe I’ll have him post a tutorial sometime.

And yes, I know, he’s pretty awesome.

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