Eyeshadow Dilemma – sigh. MAC or Inglot, pros and cons

Pros; I’ve tried Mac once. The bitter eyeshadow I posted a few posts back. You can view it here. I liked it and it gives me enough confidence to ask for the custom quad for Christmas.

My custom palette creation from MAC (it’s called Australian Nights).

However, lots of bloggers lately are blogging enthusiastically about Inglot. Some are even saying they’re better than MAC, and they are less expensive!

My custom palette creation from Inglot (called Twilight and Sunset,haha):

Pros and Cons:


  • I’ve tried it
  • pixiwoo ladies vouch for it
  • RETURNABLE (that’s a big one)


  • I haven’t tried it
  • It’s cheaper, by $23 for the custom quad, which is a lot, even once you add shipping (darn you, $8 shipping), it’s still $15 cheaper. And there is more product.
  • NOT RETURNABLE (return policy on site states that you can only return unused product. Who would buy something, not use it, and then return it? Really? Return policies like that really make me laugh. “You can return your product if you are unsatisifed for any reason. Only unopened products are eligible for return.” So why would I be unsatisifed if I haven’t tried it yet? “Dear Inglot, my order came in the mail and the packaging was ugly. Please accept my return.”)
  • A lot of bloggers vouch for it as better than MAC

This is probably going to be a present. I’ve never spent so much on eyeshadow but I’m learning that eyeshadow A. lasts forever and B. is probably the trickiest thing to shop for. The eye area is super delicate and I’m sick of either throwing away, swapping, or returning shadows.

Hmmmmmm….what would you do?

12 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Dilemma – sigh. MAC or Inglot, pros and cons

  1. Hi Jenn – unfortunately – no. 😦 The closest one would be New York City I think and that is four hours away PLUS I hate driving in the city. I think I will have to go the online route if I pick Inglot! Thanks for one vote for Inglot. πŸ™‚


  2. I have tried inglot but I never tried mac however a friend of mine told me once you try mac you’ll never go back. I think they are both good quality make up so you should try both πŸ™‚


  3. I have over 45 MAC eyeshadows and for the most part really love them. In that mix, I certainly have some “misses”, but I feel like you get those with every brand. I have 10 Inglot shadows that I am also really happy with, but haven’t tried enough variety from them to vouch for their entire line. Really though Marisa, I think you will be happy with no matter which one you pick. I’ve always loved that I can return anything to MAC though, that is Inglot’s big flaw, like you said. I’ve only ever purchased Inglot in store for that very reason, so I could play around with the products before buying them. Hope this helps – good luck with your dilemma!


  4. Thank you all so much! I love how I can turn to my “beauty blogging community” for advice. So after all of these comments and a couple really enthusiastic video reviews by people who were very accustomed to MAC, I’ve decided to go with Inglot. Thank you all for your help in making a decision much easier for me than usual! I’ll post the videos, and I’ll also reviews the Inglot quad when I get it. Thanks again! xoxoxoxo


  5. Holy bajeesus! I never knew they didn’t leave you return it unless it’s not open. That’s ridiculous! I’d still go for Inglot eyeshadows though…they got gorgeous colours and they’re extremely pigmented


    1. Hi Liz – yeah just looking at the colors above I’m pretty excited about how pretty they are. About the return policy – that’s what I got out of it. I sure still hope I’m wrong. πŸ™‚


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