The Sample Society from Beauty Bar

Hmmm…I have been longing for a way to try more samples so I don’t have to flippin return so much stuff. (more on that later).

Well on the rosy snail’s site:

I discovered this:

Now at the moment my beauty budget is fairly small so this would take a chunk out. But I think it’s worth trying to figure out how to afford, or be doomed to a life of returning things.

What do you think? Have any of you tried this? How’s it working?

6 thoughts on “The Sample Society from Beauty Bar

  1. Oh, I’ve never tried anything like that but sounds great! I’d definetely try it but in here the beauty boxes are just launching, so i guess there would be nothing like the sample society for a while. If you try it please let us know!


      1. They are a monthly subscrption in which you get a box every month with 4 to 6 samples of diferent products for something like $10 or more. Really cool. Like birchbox and glossybox and there are a lot more :0 !


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