My Very First Mac Eyeshadow – Bitter

Oh the eyeshadow troubles I’ve known.

Subsequent blogs will reveal them.

Is subsequent the right word?

I’ve tried Stila, Urban Decay, Revlon, Wet ‘N Wild, Maybelline Color Tattoo, Tarte, Sonia Kashuk.

I’ve returned them all. (Except my Tarte Cream Eyeshadow, but there are only a few shades and they’re too expensive. Oh and a Tarte palette which I probably only got because I loved the lip gloss. Dumb, huh?).

Either there was no color payoff, or they were too heavy and creasy, or they didn’t blend well, or they turned into a murky mess within a few hours.

After a few very helpful people from my beauty blogger community (thanks flora and makeupmadesimple!), and a trip out (one to CVS, where I stared at L’Oreal infallibles, remembered all my recent CVS returns, more on those later, and walked out without nothing) and another trip (to Ulta, where a nice young saleslady with brown ponytails and enormous brown eyes with black cat eye liner applied a UD bright fall orange to my eyes and I complained about my dilemma , I decided not to buy Urban Decay or L’Oreal Infallible at this time, but wait to see what I think of my first MAC order. It’s from and it was only $10. It was a color I’m enamored with at the moment – Bitter. A wild bitter green.

I suspected that it might come so I wore my bitter green shirt.

It came today in the mail – unexpectedly since the tracking did not show it that close.

I unwrapped it.

Gorgeous color, isn’t it? Makes me incredibly happy.

I got out my trusty Real Techniques brush.

Here are the tools:

My eyes before the Mac Shadow application:

After MAC Bitter eyeshadow, closed. As you can see, my eyelids look like my eyelids – they are not covered with product and they are not weighed down with creasy eyeshadow. They just look dyed shimmery iridescent green. Something I’ve never experienced with Stila or UD.

And the finished look. I never wear just one shadow, but I only have one MAC shadow and want to see what it looks like by itself.


I am pleased with how it goes on and how pigmented and smooth it is. I like. I think MAC is a good choice for people with softer, thinner, less taut eyelids like mine. All other shadows are too heavy. I think I will ask for that custom MAC quad for Christmas.

What do you think?

17 thoughts on “My Very First Mac Eyeshadow – Bitter

  1. It is a lovely colour and mac have great eye-shadows even though I would never wear this on its own because it might the eyes look pale


  2. I bought my first two MAC shadows last month—Trax and Amber Lights—and I love them both as well! I think I may have a similar problem with eyeshadows, though maybe not as severe as your case seems to be. Glad this turned out well!


  3. I think it would rock with a little bit of gold eyeshadow in the inner corner, for nights out or a day you’re feeling bold and eyelining close to your lashes and blending (i think a graphic eyeliner might be too much). I’ve never tried a colour like that… totally out of my comfort zone… but i should.. i might.. i don’t know haha. It looks great on you though.


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