Wanted: A Stylist who has a Vision for my Hair

photo credit to Tartecosmetics.com and random online google searches for Kiera Knightley, and Nic from pixiwoo.

Really sick of stylists at the moment. I showed someone the one of Kiera with the cute traditional bob, straightened my hair within an inch of its life. Kiera’s hair doesn’t look that straight to me. It looks a little messy. I’m afraid to show the other picture with the flipped ends, because I have no idea what I’d get.

I hate it when stylists straighten my hair. They have no vision. They let the tool do the straightening, and I look like a bug with sheet of paper draped over my head (I don’t know why the bug part – maybe bugs have tiny heads). That is not what any of these models look like. If I said I don’t like it, “that straight,” I get really really curly. I have been everywhere, to really high end salons. I get a lot more texture out of my hair when I blowdry it then they do when they straighten it. I’ve had stylists reach for the straightener within 5 minutes of me saying, “let’s skip the straightener this time.” I really don’t want to argue with my stylist. I want a stylist with a vision for my hair. One that will either take the time to understand mine or develop their own – but please don’t just give me a cookie cutter cut and style and expect it to look right on me.

I get no closer to the truth when I present a picture than when I don’t. Often it’s worse because they’re seeing something in the picture I definitely am not.

I’m adoring Mary Jane’s hair here (from Tartecosmetics). I think that’s her name. She’s the one with the pretty peach lips. And Nic’s from Pixiwoo. She’s the one with the crazy false eyelashes.

Another thing, if I show you a picture of someone with a bob and a lot of fullness in the back, and my hair is much thinner and it’s going to not have fullness in the back if you cut it to exactly the same length, I would think you could figure out that it’s the shape and look of the hair I’m after, not the measured length of each hair (since I don’t know that anyway). So cut it to flatter me. Stylists have done it before by accident, and it looks really good, so I know they can. But not when I show them a picture of how I want it to look. So I’ve taken my own picture of myself with a cut I like to a stylist, in some cases the SAME STYLIST, and still don’t get what I want.

I want to cut my own hair. I really really want to cut my own hair.

By the way, I’m dying to know your hair stories and pictures would be even better! πŸ™‚ Or your advice. Either one.

8 thoughts on “Wanted: A Stylist who has a Vision for my Hair

  1. Many hair stylists have basic to average skill when it comes to cutting but do not cultivate the ability to adapt a style to be more flattering on someone else taking into account of features and hair texture. There is a reason why Garren, Oribe, Hershberger, and others can charge obscene amounts for being incredibly skilled in creating nuanced styles. I have only ever found one salon where I kind of like the layers they cut in my hair but only after several months of regrowth. I know they aren’t taking account of my hair type, which makes the hair thinning layers kind of inappropriate -since it just makes me frizzier…


  2. Fairytalesandcoffee – I know it’s so frustrating. You would think that if you see a girl with thin hair (more on my amazing hair regrowth story and struggles later), you would not give her a haircut which will make her look nearly bald. OK so it’s not that bad, but in the picture it looks really “round and full and bushy” in the back, and on my, it’s completely flat against my head – why would you do that? Obviously that’s not what I want. I would really respect a stylist for saying I don’t know how to do that with your hair (or anyone else’s haha).


  3. I love the slightly messy Kiera Knightly but I fear messy hair is harder to create than sleak! Also, I always think its worth seeing what Drew Barrymore is up to hair wise…… Some good inspiration there. I know its not fool proof printing pics but if you do, take as many angles as possible! Also a cute outfit and the makeup you would wear with that prefect cut can help focus the scissors!!


  4. Ran across this by accident but glad I did;) I’m a hairdresser & know what you mean. I still have not found someone that can cut & color my hair the way I like so I do it myself. (or maybe I’m just a hairdresser so I’m picky.lol). The look you’re going for is most likely created with a razor . That’s what gives it that piecey broken look on the outline of the hair instead of a blunt straight cut. The layers are longer as well (you want them longer to preserve the fullness of your hair especially if its thin) & are texturized a little on the ends to again create a broken look instead of a harsh line. you can create the look by using a sea salt spray to give your hair a gritty feel (not oily or dirty; you just want it to have texture) & blow it dry with a blow dryer. Then you can use a flat iron to create soft messy waves. Or a curling iron to wrap sections of your hair around the barrel (I’d recommend wrapping it and holding it for a second so that it’s a wave & not too curly.) Also if it does happen to be too curly pull down on it so that the curl loosens up a little. but do this before it cools. There ARE great hairdressers that don’t charge what Oribe, Frederic Fekkai, Garren & others charge. You just have to find them πŸ˜‰ Good luck with your future cuts!


  5. Wow that’s amazing – I’m glad you found this – this just made me smile from ear to ear. I will have to check out sea salt spray and maybe print this off and take it to my next haircut. Thanks a million for the tips!! πŸ™‚


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