Baby Steps

I love taking my dog on a walk. I dread taking my dog on a walk.

The weather is different all the time, and I fear being either too hot or too cold.

I feel guilty that I haven’t walked her in too long, so the thought of walking associates itself with guilt.

I took her on a walk today and it was the best part of my day. The weather was gorgeous – it made me feel as if I were in London. Overcast but beautiful. Fall but warmish-cool. Like the ending scene from Les Miserables.


photo from
I do not walk my dog this way.

My outfit:: perfect, if a little bit on the warm side. Matching my waifish mood today. Boots, leggings, short dress, grey sweater.

Holly, a bit spoiled and temperamental, but who can blame her?

I did some thinking, and some writing in my head, and some goal-organizing and prioritizing, and I thought why don’t I do this more?

Because I fear that once around the block isn’t enough for her, and so I avoid it all together.

Well once around is better than nothing.

It’s better than not doing it at all. And so for the bit of joy and exercise it brings us both, I will do it.

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