StorybookApothecary – I don’t usually do this, but this looks truly amazing (it’s all about natural beauty)

I will repost on this product when I actually get a chance to try it out – but seriously, this lady is doing amazing things in California. I’m an ingredient-nut. I can pretty much tell a super amazing product by looking at the label (mostly).

Please check out StorybookApothecary’s etsy site! I cannot wait to place and get my first order – just have to wait to get an answer about one little ingredient before I order. 🙂

Ingredients like Kaolin Clay, Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Lavender EO, Raspberry Extract, and no unnecessary unhealthy fillers make this something worth looking into.

See a lot of product I try have great ingredients mixed with questionable or useless ingredients. I sometimes try this, depending on the severity of the questionable or useless ingredients, but this gal puts no junk in her stuff – thanks Tianna! And the branding and name are so charming! 🙂

I’ll update you when/if I get to try this. Photo Credits to StorybookApothecary – linked image from site.

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