Waiting at Target on a Tuesday Evening

When a latte or a lack thereof and an empty cafe at night waiting for my ride to come are all I have, and a notebook, and a pen, and it is still good, then there is some clarity with that I guess. When there’s nothing to do but shop and wait and I don’t even have money to spend, what else is there to do? My nails are polished, and I think about the color and the fact that there are no chips, and wonder when the next line of Sonia Kashuk nail colors will come out, and wonder and wonder when Nate will come.


I left him a message with the phone at the counter. Did he get it? Why wouldn’t he get it? What is his phone died, too? What time is it?


Why are there no clocks anymore? No clocks or phones anywhere. And if there were phones they would be payphones, and as I said, I had no money.


If I had money, I would buy a cellphone charger. And charge my phone and call Nate.


But if I did, I would not be here, because when I made it to the gas station, so relieved, yes, I had made it, I would have bought gas, silly. Why else does one go to a gas station? And that’s when I discovered my wallet, the yellow one, was gone. Nate – he took it out last night to give me my card.


So if his phone was not dead, why would he not answer? Probably because he did not recognize the number.


And if I had money, I would buy some makeup food, no I would buy a cellphone charger, no I would have bought some fuel.


If there are clocks in this store, I wonder if they are set?

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