Because work is worship

Because work is worship…that is why.

This was an answer that struck me today as I wondered why it mattered SO MUCH to me that I find the right things to do. The right job. The right place to engage my heart which loves words and music so much. Why does it matter so much that God show me the way the next couple of years as my husband and I go through the journey that has been one of the most arduous and adventurous that I have ever been through (tackling a mountain of debt and being victorious). Why does it matter that God help me with the outcome of the interview I had last week, and show me whether I should take the writing course, audition for the Hershey Symphony Orchestra, find graphic design jobs, or all three?

Because work is worship – and I want to be in a place where I can worship God through that work.   And because it just seems much more worshipful to work in your strengths than badger your weaknesses. Because I truly believe, as some of reading believe, and as some of you may not, that God gives us our gifts for a purpose, a real, deep, earth-touching, people-connecting, and even income earning purpose. Why did I tack on income earning? Because even money can be of faith. And because you need it to eat, pay the mortgage, drive to church, help out your friends, buy clothes, etc.

But that does not mean that any of the above paths have to lead to earning income. Only one does (perhaps the job interview). The rest can just be abiding parts of my life that I know I should continue in.

When I see anyone who feels the least bit satisfied with their work, something that they feel is slightly “vocational” to them, I am jealous.

“If we love our work and find it meaningful, how is it different from worship?” Siobhan Curious says.

It is one of the most beautiful forms of worship. That I am sure of.

2 thoughts on “Because work is worship

  1. I did not know you blog! What a beautiful post, Marisa! Very inspiring, and I think you’ve truly captured God’s heart. I’m going to share this with others because I think it’s easy to lose sight of using our unique gifts to find joy in working for Him. What’s the writing class you want to take?


  2. Hi Diane! I’ve wanted to take the Long Ridge Writer’s class for years. It’s a Break Into Print course – no guarantee of course, but they do everything they can to help you. It’s a short term mentoring program basically.


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