A Blog I found about a Teacher

I Really like this blog. It’s warm, human, a very bread and butter sort of interesting, if that makes sense. I want to share it with you by sharing this entry with you. Siobhan Curious – are you going to write a book about your teaching?


Siobhan Curious writes about students, writing, life, fairness, responsibility, and other thought-provoking topics.

If I email you, Siobhan Curious , will you tell me your real name and some books you wrote? 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Blog I found about a Teacher

  1. Marisa, you are so sweet. I will not reveal my real identity to you right away, but I will let you in on a secret – I am considering publishing my next novel in blog form, chapter by chapter, beginning in May. I haven’t worked it out exactly, but if I decide to take this on, I will post about it in the coming months!


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