Happy Thursday

Thursdays are quite possibly the best day of the week. Tea tastes better on Thursdays, and I drink more of it. My makeup turns out better, and if it doesn’t, it’s no big deal. I usually like whatever I am wearing on Thursday.  I have a feeling of goodwill towards other people on Thursday. I have a feeling of hope and well-being about life. The pets (two dogs and a cat!) look cuter and well-behaved, and if they are not, it’s no big deal. I know Nate and I will go on a date, and if we do not, it’s no big deal – we’ll have a date at home. The next day will be Friday, no matter what, and the next day Saturday. We will both have off on Saturday. And if we do not, well that is very unusual. And it is a big deal. But it is still the weekend. And whatever else happens, there is nothing anyone in this world can do to keep the weekend from coming, however that weekend may be. And each time I make it through a work week and to another weekend, I feel stronger. I climbed the mountain again. I did it. Happy mornings, stressful mornings, mornings I spill my tea and mornings the cocker spaniel pees on the living floor because she is jealous of the newer dog, mornings Nate and I walk the dogs together and are still shocked to have 10 minutes to snuggle on the couch, and mornings I have to walk the dogs myself and Nate leaves early and I am running late for work, all the mornings, we made it through them. And there are never more than 5. The universe never surprises us with a sixth morning. There are just five in all. Evenings we have nothing at all to do but relax and window shop, and evenings we have 2 graphic design projects  and a presentation for the next day to finish. Four evenings in all. Friday evening does not count – it is not a work evening. In fact, Sunday is. Sunday is evening is the worst work evening of all. But we made it through that, too. And at the end of every week we look at each other, and we know we are stronger and more able to take on the world because we made it through another week. And the hope of Thursdays goes seeping through the other days until Wednesday, too, becomes a happier day, because the next day is Thursday….but there is no day quite like Thursday.

So I say to you all – Happy Thursday!

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