Who would take a Fairy Tale and make it into a Soap Opera

Fairy Tales are not soap operas. The whole point is their innocence, their childlikness, their doing what’s right in the face of pain and danger, and yes, their “love conquers all” message.

Sorry ABC, the fairy tale characters may be trapped in the strange new world of modern Maine, but you have taken it a few steps further than that. Apparently they have lost their morals and character as well. Certain characters may be under a spell, but it seems too convenient to me to use that spell to get them to act in all sorts of morally compromised ways.

There’s no message here so far. Every character makes deals with Rumpelstilskin (who seems the personifcation of the devil, or at least of evil) in Fairy Tale World and this world. You cannnot remove the possibility of “happily ever after” from the responsibility to act courageously, selflessly, morally and purely.

But I guess that’s the tale you want to spin.


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