OK clearly I cannot stop blogging.

People are going to get confused. What is she doing with her hair? Five months ago it was almost to her waist. But that was not my hair, but the Zara. Then it was Julia. Now it’s a pixie cut, and so soft and touchable and undeniably my hair. At the end of this week, it’s going to be something different. If you need any help with the confusion, try my alopecia story here.

For now, this is my self-given (ok sort of husband-given [“no, dude, stop, give me some sideburns. No – leave me some length on top. Halle Berry, I’m telling you. Halle Berry”]) pixie cut.

What surprises me is the lively curliness of my natural hair, which wasn’t that way in December. And the color. I’m always dying highlights and lowlights into already something-lighted hair. I guess I haven’t seen the natural texture and color of my hair in awhile.

On Thursday, I’m going to get some minor extensions to bring the length forward like an inverted bob. I don’t really see how I have any room for extensions, but my new stylists thinks she can do something. We’ll see.

It seems I remember going to the salon once for exactly this color.